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SMS from the Psion 5

I have been helping out Steve Godfrey with PhoneMan for the Psion 5 over several months. This neat piece of software now offers a really good interface to SMS - the best I have seen on any package which includes all the PC packages around, some costing much more than this piece of shareware. It includes distribution lists, send, receive, dial from Psion phonebook, etc. etc. Steve has worked hard to get this going with nearly all the phones around. The major obstacle is the Nokia 61xx series, but sadly this series of phones which includes the Orange Nokia 702 does not have built in SMS facilities for external terminals and requires a proprietary protocol.

Steve's URL is www.sgsoftware.co.uk


I found some software called DI27 just this week. This does a similar job to Phoneman in the Palm 3 vein, although it is much more limited and more "fledgling". It does however send and receive SMS properly (which is more than the Handphone demo I saw - the Handphone software deleted SMS with alphanumeric addresses without storing them in the Palm). This shows enormouse potential and I wish Martin Renschler every success with this!

Martin's URL is www.gsmtool.com

Graphics for the Nokia 61xx series

Thomas Kessler has developed some very well written software for transferring Nokia graphics to the 61xx series. It normally works via SMS (if you can find a phase 2 SMSC - see What's on my mind April 99). This allows you to change the operator logo to something more snazzy like an 007 or Batman symbol, or even the official operator logo. More interestingly to we developers, however is the fact that he can send these via infra red without the Nokia Cellular Data Suite. This brings hope to the millions of GSM users with PDAs who cannot use NCDS. If Thomas would be willing to share his knowledge, or others could work out how to do this, or even if Nokia would release the SMS protocol, then programs like DI27 and PhoneMan could be made available to Nokia 61xx users, who otherwise have to avoid Nokia products, or buy the very expensive 8810.

Thomas' URL is www.kessler-design.com

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Last updated: 7th April 1999