Software Development Page

Although I have developed some software myself, this has not been for commercial gain but partly to show what can be done and partly to assist people with getting up and running with SMS at little initial cost.

This page contains more information about development of software for SMS.

Cellnet's TAP Specification

Word for Windows 6.0 format

Sample TAP Visual Basic Code

A Word for Windows 6.0 document containing some sample code for developing TAP applications. There are no comments in the code and I don't pretend that it is well written. The code in SMS PC Link comes from this, but has been "tuned" quite a bit since then, so I accept no responsibility for reliability in this source code. Of particular use may be the TAP checksum code and the MakeTAPString subroutine.

Using DDE with my software

Using Command Line to add messages with my software

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Last Updated: 12th March 1997