SMS Software - 32 bit

All files on this page are compressed with ZIP.

This software all requires the following two files in windows/system. Have a look in windows/system before you download these as you may already have them.



These run-time files and parts of the software below are Copyright Microsoft. The run-time files are only placed here for use in conjunction with the software below. The software files should be placed in their own individual directory, e.g. c:\pageasst etc. and they create their own auxiliary files in their directory (e.g. c:\pageasst\pageasst.ini).

DDE is supported by the first 4 programs as per the DDE instructions on the old pages.

Page Assistant (40K) - for Cellnet SMS or other TAP dialup services - for Cellnet use 07860 980480

One2Assistant (39K) - for One2One TAP dialup SMS service (07958 879889)

OrAssistant (36K) - for Orange dialup SMS service (07973 100602)

VodAssistant 1.40 (36K) - for Vodafone dialup SMS service (07785 499999) - dated 29/11/99 - fixes problem with Vodafone service from 19/11/99 to current date, also removes square brackets in DDE messages for compatibility with more recent Microsoft products

SMS Manager (67K)

for use with a mobile phone supporting PDU mode or Block Mode. I haven't had time to add the appropriate dialogue for COM5..COM8 but the software will select this. For COM1-4 use a speed from 2400 to 9600. For COM5..COM8 select COM1..COM4 but put the speed at 19200. Alternatively, edit the INI file.


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Last Updated: 15th April 2001